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We are not responsible for any troubles between customers or cars in this facility.

We are not responsible for natural disasters, accidents related to insects and beasts, or injuries.

We ask for all self-management and self-responsibility.

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User guide

■ Usage procedure and guidance

Please apply for admission at the reception.

Please fill in the required items on the reception slip and pay the usage fee.

We will give you a check-in form after explaining the precautions.

(Keep the check-in form in the car where you can see the windshield until you return.)


■ Check-in and check-out

Check-in is from 13:00 and check-out is until 11:00.

Early check-in 9: 00 ~, Late check-out 15:00 (extra charge)

* Late / out reservations are not required. Please make an offer at the local reception

* Please note that we cannot accept Obon and Golden Week holidays during consecutive holidays.

■ Cancellation policy

In case of cancellation, please notify us at least 8 days in advance.
50% of the charge for cancellations from 7 days before the reservation date to the day before
For cancellation on the day of reservation, 100% of the fee will be charged as a cancellation fee.


■ About the car

Please drive within 10 km / h in the hall.

Please park your car in the parking lot.

Please do not move the vehicle at night.


■ Handling of garbage

Garbage other than used charcoal and ash will be taken home by the customer.

(Burning garbage, swill, vinyl, plastic, bottles, cans, PET bottles, etc.)


■ About pets

Pets can enter together. Owners should follow good manners and do not bother other customers.

Please manage it as you like. In addition, pet feces should be disposed of by the owner.


  ★ Notes

□ No direct fire

Please use the dedicated stove and grill for barbecue.

Please also use the stove and grill for bonfire.

Fireworks are prohibited.

Dispose of used charcoal and ash in the designated drums in the venue in a completely digested state.

* Please refrain from washing the bonfire and yakimono in the kitchen.


□ Prohibition of noise

Please refrain from making loud noises so as not to bother other customers and to consider the neighboring private houses and livestock.

Please be quiet, especially from 9 pm to 8 am the next morning.

* It is prohibited to enter or leave after 9 pm.

* When it rains, we will limit the movement of your car.

* Please follow the organizer's attention at the time of the event


□ Prohibition of using engine generators

The use of noisy engine-powered generators is prohibited. Things that do not bother the surroundings, such as solar power generation, are OK.


□ Regarding smoking

Please be careful not to inconvenience other people such as sidestream smoke when smoking in the hall. Walking cigarettes are prohibited.

It is strictly forbidden to litter the butts, so please take them home as garbage.


□ No garbage disposal

Littering garbage is strictly prohibited in the hall. Please follow the rules and etiquette and cooperate so that all users can spend their time comfortably.

□ Legal compliance

If you discover illegal acts such as the use of dangerous drugs in our facility, we will notify the police.

Inquiries by phone

Tel. 090-6188-4578

(8: 00-21: 00)



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